About The Project

iKnowledge is a project focused on bringing ICT and Satellite Internet Access to schools across 25 regions in Tanzania. The project aims to Connect, Deliver, Train and Sustain schools in Tanzania through the support of its local and international partners.

100 Primary schools and 150 Secondary schools in Tanzania are being equipped with satellite broadband access and ICT equipment to allow teachers to use updated online teaching aids in their classes. With ICT infrastructure and broadband connectivity via satellite, iKnowledge provides digital training for teachers and educational content for teaching purposes, which is assessed based on learning outcomes.

Teachers access broadband internet via Avanti's HYLAS 2 satellite, which provides 100% coverage of Tanzania.  Broadband is installed and supported locally through service provider Infinity Africa, whilst the ICT hardware, digital training and educational software is delivered in partnership with Avanti Communications and Camara Education Tanzania. The programme is funded under the UK Space Agency's International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP).  

iKnowledge advances teachers' digital literacy and understanding through a sustainable training model of 'Train the Trainers'. It provides educational content for teachers to apply straight into their classrooms, greatly improving educational engagement with students.


Where We Operate

iKnowledge provides connectivity to 10 schools per district in Tanzania (mix of Primary and Secondary schools). Within each district there is 1 Academy school, 3 Teaching Lab schools and 6 Administration schools.