The iKnowledge Project

The Challenge
Schools in Tanzania are often located in underserved areas, beyond the reach of traditional network infrastructure. Over 100,000 teachers struggle to access up-to-date teaching materials and lack sufficient ICT training, directly impacting future employment prospects for teachers and learning outcomes for students.

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Zeze Secondary School

The Challenge
In rural Western Tanzania, there is a lack of network infrastructure and electricity due to a shortage of resource and investment. As a result, teachers and students at Zeze Secondary School are unable to access the most up-to-date online educational content, hindering the pupils’ learning opportunities and future employability.

In addition, with less than 25% of people in Tanzania having access to electrical power, the absence of electricity and sufficient lighting in the evening means students find it difficult to complete homework assignments and academic revisions, further affecting educational progression.

A solution was needed to bring high speed, reliable broadband connectivity to the school, and to source and provide an inexpensive electricity solution.

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Science for Marginalised Girls

The Challenge
In rural Tanzania, young girls face cultural and social challenges every day, often missing out on education. Additionally, some girls have to walk up to 3 hours each way to attend school, which results in them missing out on vital education as they do not have time to study before or after school. Many of the students have aspirations to become doctors, teachers, and lawyers and are anxious to continue their education. The nationwide shortage of science teachers has also had an impact on the girls’ studies.

A school in Kagera have been working towards meeting the needs of these young marginalised girls. However, due to limited resources and lack of broadband infrastructure, the girls were unable to access online educational materials required to catch up on their education.

A solution was proposed to bring high speed, reliable broadband connectivity to the schools to enable the girls to continue their studies.

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