Masasi Day Secondary School – Mtwara

“Thank you very much. We’re very grateful for internet service you provide to our school. Since we started to use this service it has been of much help to teachers and students in fostering teaching and learning process, for instance to retrieve material books, articles, images and pictures.” – Omary Ally Kanyimbi, Headmaster

Mwandet Secondary School – Arusha

“Teachers and students getting learning materials so iKnowledge project is a good resource. Teachers give assignments to the students to come and search materials concerning the assignment.” – Elbramack Amani, IT Teacher

Miono Secondary School – Pwani, Tanzania

“Internet puts me together with the world. It has cut down the cost of my travel from Bagamoyo to the ministry’s office (PMO-RALG) in Dodoma. I get information through emails from the ministry now.” – Ally Muyango, Headmaster

Rubale Secondary School – Kagera, Tanzania

“iKnowledge helps us communicate with teachers in the UK and learn new ideas about making our school better, like PiXL and Young Scientist” – Renatus Kirway, English Teacher


Zeze Secondary School – Kigoma, Tanzania

“Before our satellite broadband connection was installed,  Zeze school was cut off by poor connectivity, but now, thanks to iKnowledge we can share ideas with schools from all over the world.” –  Mr Joseph Mabuye, Headmaster

Bihawana Secondary School – Dodoma, Tanzania

“Good project which gives teachers access to materials for teaching online and expanding knowledge of students and exposure to the world.”  – Mr Joseph Mbilinyi, Head Master