iKnowledge uses Multicast technology

Multicast technology allows information to be delivered to a group of destinations simultaneously, saving network capacity. Furthermore, a satellite solution is the best option to guarantee a resilient broadband service capable of reaching remote schools in Tanzania.

Services provided
  • Broadband connectivity: All the sites will be provided with satellite internet connectivity and Multicast content distribution network.
  • Offline instructional content repository: Schools will be provided a school server maintained by the satellite delivery network, where learning material will be stored and made accessible to the teachers and the students on all the computers connected to the network.
  • Schools network monitoring and remote maintenance: Local IT maintainers are provided a simple way of accessing remotely the school servers through the satellite network.
  • Offline instructional content update using multicast technology: A solution for distribution of content using Multicast over satellite is provided, reducing the need to visit the school to update the teaching content.
  • Offline instructional video distribution: The Multicast service will also enable the distribution of instructional video material, made available within the school portal. Schools can be grouped by tags defining different distribution based on grades.